Spirit of the Signal

Leah Beeferman, Peer Bode, Leidy Churchman, Ben Coonley, Alex Da Corte, Kate Gilmore, Amy Granat, Jesse Hamerman, Denise Kupferschmidt, Tony Oursler, Michael Smith, Jeffrey Tranchell, JD Walsh

Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery
New York, NY
June 9 – July 28, 2011

Organized by Patrick Brennan & Lauren van Haaften Schick


Spirit of the Signal

shoulders down
arms drop
turn the crank don’t stop don’t stop
frame – skip – follow
click on
blue halo
under cover
glow and hover
fans whir
over err
light fades
shadow drift
falls and fast
and time blows over

repeat, hover
lag and shutter
running time
running over
limbo and prop
paint n pour or
stop er stop

load and not
sag and stutter
cup run over
click on
light channel
churn mix move mottle
click on
cloud halo
one source flashing
bent knees over elbow

getting hot

the rustle and hum
faint white
loop over
and drop


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