Rob de Oude

Maddie + Lauren VHS
Monster Island Basement
128 River St., Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Opening Friday November 5th, 6-10pm

Hours: Saturday and Sunday November 6th-7th, 12-6pm


Rob de Oude

Maddie + Lauren VHS present a site-specific installation, drawings and sculpture by Rob de Oude in the Monster Island Basement back room, opening on Wednesday November 3rd from 8-11pm. The show will extend through Friday November 5th, 6-10pm, and Saturday November 6th, 12-6pm.

In de Oude’s works, straight lines are placed and layered with mathematical precision to create dense pattern and visual movement. Found materials such as construction tape and mirrors are re-imagined as tools for transforming space. De Oude’s precise drawing process inherently lends itself to human error, yet even these missteps are utilized to guide each work in a new direction, allowing for a more complex matrix to unfold.  In the artist’s words, “these works deal with a level of optical deception, while seeking to strike a sense of controlled balance.”

Rob de Oude has had several group and solo exhibitions in New York and his native Holland. He is also the co-founder and gallery manager of Camel Arts Space, Brooklyn, NY.


Concurrent with:

Art Book Fair Pre-Party
Wednesday November 3rd, 8-11pm

Swill Children and Maddie + Lauren VHS celebrate the beginning of the NY Art Book Fair with a presentation of music, art and publications, on Wednesday November 3rd, from 8-11pm.

Swill Children will present Certain Distinctions, a multi-sensory performance featuring choreography by Angela Vitacollona and music by Lucky Dragons, Lichens, Greg Fox, Driphouse, and Islands Eyelids. Amen Dunes, MV Carbon, and Hunters will also perform.

Local and international publishers will have new titles for sale, including Swill Children, Medium Rare, Adam O’Reilly, Kingsboro Press, Neal Reinalda, Serps Press, and Modern Painters magazine. Additional publications and artist’s projects selected by Maddie + Lauren VHS will also be featured.