Leah Beeferman, Alex da Corte, David Dunn, Antonello Faretta, John Giorno, Samara Golden, Jesse Greenberg, Ezra Johnson, Denise Kupferschmidt, Nick Lally, Jeanette Mundt, Nick Paparone, Ted Passon, Christian Sampson, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Jeffrey Tranchell, JD Walsh, Letha Wilson.

St. Cecilia’s Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
February 5-6, 2011


Press: Emily Nathan, “Brooklyn Local: Matinee”


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The film and video works in Matinee consider or incorporate the environment in which they are viewed. They may physically involve the theater space, question the impact of the viewing conditions on one’s experience of the work, or otherwise engage the space outside the screen. Taking inspiration from the often flawed and problematic conditions for watching and exhibiting film and video in a gallery setting, and the stark contrast of St. Cecilia’s Gallery to such white cube spaces, these works activate their surroundings and are activated by their context. This premise is open to interpretation, so that each work and each gallery room has a distinctly different feel.

Running all afternoon and into the night, visitors are encouraged to meander through the exhibition at their leisure, theater-hopping as they go.

Matinee is curated by Patrick Brennan and Lauren van Haaften-Schick.