Maddie + Lauren VHS
Monster Island Basement
128 River St., Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Opening Friday November 5th, 6-10pm

Hours: Saturday and Sunday November 6th-7th, 12-6pm

Maddie + Lauren VHS present Additions, an exhibition of artists’ multiples produced by independent curators, arts spaces and collectives, opening on Friday November 5th, 6-10pm, through Saturday and Sunday November 6-7, 12-6pm.

Designed to accompany exhibitions, or to complement a broader program, these editions document temporary shows, provide an affordable and easily produced artwork, and allow for greater collaboration between artists and organizers. In many cases, the medium of the edition speaks to the sensibility of the greater project, ranging from from hand-bound portfolios and screenprints to photocopied zines and pdfs.

Editions from AHN|VHS, Apartment Show, Daily Operation, Jason Kachadourian, Light & Wire Gallery, Printeresting, SP Weather Station, Spirit-Duder, and others. Artists include Leah Beeferman, Thomas Berlangero, Jamison Brosseau, Susan Goethel Campbell, Cannonball Press, Ruth Channing Young, Patrick Costello, Carrie Dashow, Steph DeJarnette, Amze Emmons, Mike Estabrook, Neil Freeman, Neil Fridd, Amanda Friedman, Richard Garrison, Isaac Gertman, Michael Geminder, Vandana Jain, Katarina Jerinic, Gary Kachadourian, Ryan Kitson, Chris Kline, Tatiana Kronberg, Denise Kupferschmidt, Emily Larned, Bridget Lewis, Lia Lowenthal, Jane Marsching, Eddie Martinez, Lize Mogel, Leslie Mutchler, Mark Nystrom, Graham Parker, Nora Jean Peterson, Chris Petrone, Sarah Nicole Phillips, Peri Lee Pipkin, Janine Polak, Andrea Polli, Hilary Price, Mark Price, Birgit Rathsmann, Grayson Revoir, Stephanie Rothenberg, Josh Slater, Luke Strosnider, R.L. Tillman, Jason Urban, Kyle Van Horn, Itza Vilaboy, Letha Wilson, Jing Yu, Liz Zanis, Patricia Zarate, and others.


Concurrent with:

Art Book Fair Pre-Party
Wednesday November 3rd, 8-11pm

Swill Children and Maddie + Lauren VHS celebrate the beginning of the NY Art Book Fair with a presentation of music, art and publications, on Wednesday November 3rd, from 8-11pm.

Swill Children will present Certain Distinctions, a multi-sensory performance featuring choreography by Angela Vitacollona and music by Lucky Dragons, Lichens, Greg Fox, Driphouse, and Islands Eyelids. Amen Dunes, MV Carbon, and Hunters will also perform.

Local and international publishers will have new titles for sale, including Swill Children, Medium Rare, Adam O’Reilly, Kingsboro Press, Neal Reinalda, Serps Press, and Modern Painters magazine. Additional publications and artist’s projects selected by Maddie + Lauren VHS will also be featured.