Panel: Getting Basic: Misappropriation, Plagiarism, Fair Use, and Grey Areas

Friday February 2nd I’ll join Sue Jeong Ka, Alison Harbin, and Alia Sonora at SOHO20 as a panelist speaking about, what else, copyrights and artists contracts!

Getting Basic: Misappropriation, Plagiarism, Fair Use, and Grey Areas

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Typeface: Helvetica Black (from The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer and sale Agreement by Seth Siegelaub)

SOHO20 and The Feminist Art Project (TFAP) NYC are pleased to present Getting Basic: Misappropriation, Plagiarism, Fair Use, and Grey Areas, a panel and discussion hosted by artist Sue Jeong Ka about the issues surrounding copyright, power, and the unfair appropriation of individuals’ work in art, pedagogical, and institutional settings.

Questions of artistic originality and authorship among teachers, students and peers have spurred constant debate in contemporary art. Such problems within institutional structures are complex when uncredited labor, and violations of artists and cultural workers’ moral rights run rampant in a competitive art world. This system perpetuates asymmetrical power relations, depriving vulnerable contributors due credit and compensation for their labor. This event is a forum for collecting insights and stories from artists, architects, curators, educators, entrepreneurs, lawyers, scholars, and workers about ethical art practice.

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“(Un)Common Intent: Performance Scores as Contractual Exchange” Panel for CAA 2018

For CAA this year I’ll be presenting a paper and co-chairing a panel with John A. Tyson, who I also had the pleasure of working with for my 2017 panel “Seth Siegelaub and the Expanded Archive of Conceptual Art.” 

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Time: 02/22/2018: 10:30AM–12:00PM
Location: Room 501A

Chairs: Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Cornell University; John Tyson, University of Massachusetts Boston

“Determining Obligation: Contractual Relations in John Cage’s Indeterminate Scores”
Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Cornell University

“Between Score and Contract: Negotiating Ed Kienholz’s “Concept Tableaux””
John Tyson, University of Massachusetts Boston

“Equivalent to Performance: Danh Võ and the Art of the Contract”
Joshua Takano Chambers-Letson, Northwestern University

Discussant: Susan Rosenberg, St. John’s University


“The Location of Power” Exhibition Essay on Hans Haacke for Evidentiary Realism

This spring artist/curator Paolo Cirio invited me to contribute an essay on the work of Hans Haacke for Cirio’s exhibition Evidentiary Realism at Fridman Gallery, New York, and Nome Gallery, Berlin. Documentation of the works and all invited writers’ texts are online here.

Catalog available online via NOME gallery here

Nome Gallery_Evidentiary Realism

From the exhibition site: Evidentiary Realism is a platform featuring artists engaged in Investigative, Forensic, and Documentary art practices. It aims to articulate a particular form of realism in art that portrays and reveals evidence from complex social systems, with prioritizing formal aspects of visual language and mediums.


Seminar for SOMA Summer August 7-10

I’m collaborating with Anthony Graves on leading a seminar for SOMA Summer in Mexico City, looking at the appropriate theme of Authority, and focusing on issues of authorship, control, and the fictional institution. 

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SOMA Summer WEEK 06 — August 07 to August 10

Monday August 07
4:00 to 7:00 pm – Seminar with Anthony Graves and Lauren Haaften-Schick
Authority: In his infamous inquiry into “What is an author?” (1969) Michel Foucault defined the “author function” as linked to the “juridical and institutional system that encompasses, determines, and articulates the universe of discourses.” In this conception, the author’s name and signature circulates not with the purpose of promoting the free spread of ideas and texts, but rather, is symptomatic of a total system of assignation, which is capable of rendering the author visible within (and therefore vulnerable to) a juridical and institutional system. In this notion, the historical and cultural construction of the “author” operates to engender that subject’s subsumption under a system of power relations; a system self-validated or upheld by the specter of legal and institutional authority.   But might the tools and techniques of the juridical and the institutional be re-scripted towards unanticipated, even emancipatory ends, thereby performing a reversal of the “author function” and the systems of control it enacts? This seminar will consider the foundations of authority in its material supports—exemplified in the language of the document—and the artistic re-authoring of legal and institutional forms. We will proceed from Foucault’s critical framing of the author function, J.L. Austin’s speech-act theory, and criticisms by Derrida, and will expand to artists’ writings and “documents” in order to consider just how and where sites and positions of authority may (or may not) be claimed.


“Seth Siegelaub and the Expanded Archive of Conceptual Art” at the CAA annual conference

At the CAA 2017 annual conference I had the extreme pleasure of co-chairing a panel on “Seth Siegelaub and the Expanded Archive of Conceptual Art” with fellow Siegelaub scholar Sara Martinetti. 

Papers: Retroactive Effects: Notes on the History of Conceptual Art after the Conceptualisms Annabela Tournon Zubieta, École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS); Contract as Form and Concept: The Siegelaub-Projansky Agreement in Art and Legal Histories Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Cornell University; Collecting Textiles, Documenting Texts: Seth Siegelaub’s Endeavors after Art John A. Tyson, National Gallery of Art; Seth Siegelaub, Beyond Conceptual Art: Curating “Paperwork” at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Sara Martinetti, École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS). Discussant: Andrew Cappetta, Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester

The Art & Law Program at the Alternative Art School Fair at Pioneer Works

The Art & Law Program is thrilled to take part in Pioneer Works‘ incredible Alternative Art School Fair! On Saturday November 19 from 5-7pm I’ll moderate a panel with Program Fellows Damien Davis, Alex Strada, and Abram Coetsee. The discussion will be archived on Clocktower radio

Full information on the weekend’s events here.